How Do I Choose Good Keywords For My Website?

How do I choose good keywords for my website? Many people are looking for help choosing keywords for their website. They want to find the best keywords for online advertising . Well, here are a couple of tips that might help you out!

There are ALOT of strategies about this but I think there are a few basics that will work very well.

First, you need a good keyword research tool (besides your brain which is excellent)And you might be surprised, but I think the best ones are free! So don't think you'll need to buy one to get started. I would suggest the Google research tool and also the SEO Book Keyword suggestion tool. Either one of these tools will help you find the best keywords for online advertising.

So, how do I choose good keywords for my website ? Here's a good rule of thumb for help choosing keywords. If you're new to internet marketing and just getting started, then you'll want to stay in the kiddie pool, as my friend PotPieGirl suggests. Look for keywords that when typed in Google will return less than 1000 results. Now you'll want to put quotes on either side of the word or phrase to check this out. I'll talk more about this in another post.

So for example if your site is about baking cakes and you want to use the keyword phrase " how to bake a cake" then you would enter it in google just like that. Then look and see how many results come back. Anything under 1000 will work great. As far as the number of searches per month, it really depends on what kind of campaign you are setting up.

If you found out that say "how to bake a cake" only had 7 results (competing pages) come back and there were 6 searches a day, that might be a great little keyword phrase. But if it had 15,000 results and only 2 searches a day, then that would not be a good keyword phrase to use.

So just remember, when you need help choosing keywords and you are asking yourself the question, "how do I choose good keywords for my website" do good keyword research first and look for low competition results and high search volume.

Using Squidoo For Marketing....Yep, It Works!

Squidoo is a great tool to use if you are just beginning affiliate marketing. First off, it's free! Doesn't cost you a penny and when you use the right techniques, it can be very profitable.

First, you need to learn how to market with Squidoo . Always use a very subtle approach. So many marketers make the fatal mistake of using hard core, in your face advertising and all that really does is scare your prospective customer away. With Squidoo, if you use that type of blatant advertising, they can close your site down.

That being said, if you do it the right way it can be very lucrative. Say, for example, you want to advertise apparel or accessories for a certain football team. Make sure the Squidoo lens that you make has good quality content on it. Maybe some info about the school mascot or a video clip of one of the games. Make it interesting, offer GOOD, INFORMATIVE content and THEN add your affiliate links throughout the page.

Here is some great Squidoo marketing help that you might want to check out. It's called One Week Marketing and it lays out an easy to follow, step by step plan on building a profitable campaign using Squidoo. Before using this I had made VERY few sales and had been doing affiliate marketing for about 1 1/2 years. Just couldn't figure it all out.

Once I got One Week Marketing, it finally all changed for me. I started to see the "whole picture". Right now, I am making over $800 a month consistently on just one product I am promoting using the One Week Marketing techniques and strategy.

In my opinion, One Week Marketing has some of the best squidoo marketing help that I have seen in a long time and is perfect for someone just getting started.

So yes, the bottom line is...... Squidoo is a great marketing tool for the beginner and if used the right way, can work quite well!

One Week Marketing Ebook

I know I keep going on and on about how great the one week marketing e book is but the fact is.....the information in it can cut months off the learning curve for anyone wanting to market online.

Jennifer or "PotPieGirl" as she is known online, actually decided to make the One Week Marketing ebook available for everyone after she taught it to a new friend who had been struggling to make his first penny online!

He had emailed her with a question and shared his struggles about not making anything online and she offered to teach him her strategy. She had never really shared it with anyone before but had been using it successfully for herself.

She was definitely curious to see if he could have the same success as she had. Well, he finished his first campaign and the rest is history. He now has his first penny and a lot more!

What I like about her is that she is the real deal.......................not another get rich quick thing...............she tells you it will be work but it is definitely worth it. Another thing is, she gives you the first 18 pages free to see if you feel like it will be beneficial to you. I like that. And what I like the most is I've seen it work personally for me. So I KNOW it works!

Like I've said before, if you feel right now like you have a lot of the puzzle pieces but you don't have the box top that shows you the picture of what you are suppose to be putting together, then you need the One Week Marketing book!

Courses On How To Sell On Ebay

Looking for courses on how to sell on Ebay ? Well, here's an ebook that is filled to the brim with info that really works. A girl named Janiece Smith wrote it. She's 27 years old and was working as a dental hygienist.

Her problem was that she was missing out on being with her baby and she wanted desperately to find a way to be home with him. She took a big leap of faith and today she is earning a full time income with Ebay. Pretty neat story................

She's written some great information that outlines her step by step approach.........really worth getting if you're wanting some courses on how to sell on Ebay .

Can I Be Successful At Affiliate Marketing?

Can I be successful at affiliate marketing? The answer is, yes you can..............BUT only if you have a plan ! Affiliate marketing is an incredible way to earn income on the internet but without the right plan, or for that matter, any kind of plan, it can be very difficult, if not impossible.

I first learned about "adwords" and "affiliate marketing" from an email someone sent me a couple years ago by Perry Marshall. I had never heard of him before but what he was talking about really caught my attention. I bought a few ebooks, dabbled in pay per click advertising (had some tiny success)but eventually just got frustrated.

I wanted to learn this so badly. It's funny how one thing leads to another though when you just don't quit...........

Last year I found Wealthy Affiliate and if I hadn't found it, I don't think I would have continued on with affiliate marketing. Wealthy Affiliate is a great community, lots of good info and that's where I learned all the basics. That was great EXCEPT the problem was that I didn't know how to put it all together.I just didn't have the whole picture. It was kinda like I had all the pieces of a puzzle but didn't have the cover of the box to show me what the picture was suppose to look like!

Anyway, I tried so many things with little success and then a girl named Jennifer, known as PotPieGirl , joined Wealthy Affiliate and shared all kinds of free ways to market online. She actually helped a guy named Nick in the WA community to get a campaign off the ground just as a favor. He had made zero sales for the longest time. Anyway, PotPieGirl taught Nick her strategy and it started working.

She decided to make it available in an ebook for everyone to have and I thought to myself, "why not give it a try" so I bought it. When I received it and started reading I knew right then that this plan could and would work. So I began.

Can you be successful at affiliate marketing? Of course you can...I really believe that! Is it easy? Not always! Does it take work? Yes, lots! But I know now that with the right plan in your hands, that it can work!

Why don't you check out PotPieGirl's One Week Marketing. She will even let you download the first 18 pages for free. If you're really serious about this then you DEFINITELY need a plan.And if you set your mind to it and say to yourself that failure IS NOT an option, then you will succeed!

All the best,

Renegade Network Marketer Download

The Renegade Network Marketer

If you've already read Ann's free report, then we would suggest you get a copy of her ebook. You can get the " Renegade Network Marketer Download Here". It will shed a whole new light on how to grow a network marketing business and help you begin to experience some success rather than failure.

Wealthy Affiliate UniversityReview...Our Story

Our story starts about a year and a half ago. We were surfing on the internet and found a blog by a stay at home mom who said she was having some success with affiliate marketing and she attributed it to a site she found called Wealthy Affiliate University.

Well, we needed any and all of the help we could get and we were not having much success out there on our own. So we decided to check it out for a month and see what we thought.

It's now been over a year and a half and we are happy to say we are still part of this really cool community of like minded people who have a world of wealth to share about this whole affiliate marketing thing.

Along with some great people, there is also so much in depth training on the site that it really should be called an Internet Marketing University! And they have a great forum that you can be a part of and learn some great marketing secrets from the pro's.

It really is the best way to get past the learning curve quickly and get into profit! Just a word of advice though....don't try going it on your own! You will quickly burn out and get frustrated and probably quit. And that's the worst possible thing you could do.

They have an 8 week course just for the beginner that is wonderful! They take you by the hand and teach you all the internet marketing strategies!

Wealthy Affiliate is not free, it is a membership site, BUT it has a ton of free things including a free website builder AND with free hosting included.

Click Here For A Tour Of Wealthy Affiliate University and you'll get a Free Guide that explains exactly how to generate income from home. Don't go it alone...............

How Do I Grow My Network Marketing Business? I'm Frustrated!

The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing

We sure were too.......we became so frustrated because everything we had been taught about how to grow our network marketing business wasn't working for us.

In order to get the most out of your business and avoid failure, we highly recommend you go and check out this FREE ebook called The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing . In it you'll discover some of the biggest myths that cause the vast majority of mlmers to lose money and waste years of effort. It is definitely a must read.