How To Fix iPhone 4s Voice Echo.....Finally!

These two little culprits were causing the problem!
So you just got your new iPhone 4s, popped it into a protective case, and then the frustration begins! 

Whoever you call says that their voice will echo when talking to you. 

 You tried taking back the phone for a new one but the same thing happens with a new one......ughhhh!!

Well the culprit is most likely your phone case and not the phone itself.

My husband got a new iPhone 4s and had this exact same problem. We tried everything and searched and searched the Internet trying to find some answers!

We took it out of the case finally and guess what? The echoing stopped! But like my husband said "I can't go around using my phone without  some kind of a protective case."

And he loves his Griffin Survivor case. He was using it without any problems with his iPhone 4.

 Luckily for us we finally found an answer.

If you look inside the Griffin case, at the bottom of the case, you'll see what looks like two pieces of black tape (on either side of the charging port opening) that are covering the holes where the mic and speaker are.

We took a paper clip (or anything sharp) and peeled the black tape off of both openings on the case and then put the iPhone back in its case. Voila! No more echoing on the receivers end when you are talking to someone. Everything crystal clear!  What a relief! OMG it was driving us crazy!

Hopefully this post will help someone dealing with the same issue. My husband has tried a lot of cases and he always goes back to the Griffin. Hopefully Griffin will figure this out because they have awesome cases.

So no matter what case you are using, check that out first as that might just be what's causing your echoing problem!

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