Aweber vs iContact......OK...So Which One's Best?

Aweber vs iContact................So which one do I choose?

Well, I've just been through the decision making process myself and it's fresh on my mind so I decided to share how I came to my decision.

First thing........these are BOTH very good companies and no matter which one you choose, you will be with a very reputable and highly regarded autoresponder company.

So, here's how I made my decision:

1. Is it reputable?
2. What do they offer?
3. Are they a single opt in or double opt in autoresponder?
4. Is it user friendly?
5. How much does it cost?

Here's what I found out:

1. Is it reputable? From all my research, Aweber, icontact and GetResponse were the three top autoresponders by far.

2. What do they offer? Well they both offer very similar things although I am told that Aweber can be more helpful for larger lists.

3. Are they single opt in or double opt in autoresponders?

OK, so here's how they differ.....Aweber is strictly double opt in where icontact is both. For example, let's say you already have a list that you want to export.

With Aweber, the people on your list would need to opt in again..........with iContact they would not.

Aweber requires a person to click a confirmation link in an email sent to them before being added to the list. iContact will add someone to your list right away unless you specify that you WANT double opt in .

4.Is it user friendly?

I have used both...............and I guess I would have to say iContact is a bit more user friendly.

5. How much does it cost?

There is a difference here..............iContact has more of a structured and economical pricing plan (especially in the beginning) dependent on how many subscribers you have. As your list grows, you pay more but they always seem to be a little cheaper than AWEBER especially in the beginning.

You can get started with iContact for $9.95. Aweber starts at $19.00 and goes up from there.

So who did I go with? Well for me I chose iContact. I liked the user friendliness of it, the flexibility of opt in choices and probably the biggest selling feature was the price. Customer service is great too.

Right now, icontact is offering a $50 credit when you open an account. Definitely a good deal.

To receive your $50 credit be sure and use the link below when you open your account.

Get started with iContact Click Here