Can I Be Successful At Affiliate Marketing?

Can I be successful at affiliate marketing? The answer is, yes you can..............BUT only if you have a plan ! Affiliate marketing is an incredible way to earn income on the internet but without the right plan, or for that matter, any kind of plan, it can be very difficult, if not impossible.

I first learned about "adwords" and "affiliate marketing" from an email someone sent me a couple years ago by Perry Marshall. I had never heard of him before but what he was talking about really caught my attention. I bought a few ebooks, dabbled in pay per click advertising (had some tiny success)but eventually just got frustrated.

I wanted to learn this so badly. It's funny how one thing leads to another though when you just don't quit...........

Last year I found Wealthy Affiliate and if I hadn't found it, I don't think I would have continued on with affiliate marketing. Wealthy Affiliate is a great community, lots of good info and that's where I learned all the basics. That was great EXCEPT the problem was that I didn't know how to put it all together.I just didn't have the whole picture. It was kinda like I had all the pieces of a puzzle but didn't have the cover of the box to show me what the picture was suppose to look like!

Anyway, I tried so many things with little success and then a girl named Jennifer, known as PotPieGirl , joined Wealthy Affiliate and shared all kinds of free ways to market online. She actually helped a guy named Nick in the WA community to get a campaign off the ground just as a favor. He had made zero sales for the longest time. Anyway, PotPieGirl taught Nick her strategy and it started working.

She decided to make it available in an ebook for everyone to have and I thought to myself, "why not give it a try" so I bought it. When I received it and started reading I knew right then that this plan could and would work. So I began.

Can you be successful at affiliate marketing? Of course you can...I really believe that! Is it easy? Not always! Does it take work? Yes, lots! But I know now that with the right plan in your hands, that it can work!

Why don't you check out PotPieGirl's One Week Marketing. She will even let you download the first 18 pages for free. If you're really serious about this then you DEFINITELY need a plan.And if you set your mind to it and say to yourself that failure IS NOT an option, then you will succeed!

All the best,